Leigh Moyer

Writing Samples

The Tucson Weekly: Commentary: Sen. Martha McSally Should Oppose Global Gag Rule

Taming of the Review: 2019-2020 Season Previews (A twelve part interview series with artistic directors and creative decision makers at Tucson’s theatres.)

Taming of the Review: The Myths of Modern Societies

Taming of the Review: American Mariachi is Must-See and Must-Hear

Taming of the Review: A Love Story Told In (Multi)verse

The Revelator: A Troubling Take on Extinction

The Alicat Blog (I ghost wrote or edited the majority of the 2018 posts.)

Medium Blog Posts for the Center for Biological Diversity


Big Bang Theory published in 2011 Pima Community College’s Sand Script – winner of first place prize in prose.

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