Leigh Moyer

Volunteer Experience

Taming of the Review
2018 – 2020
Seeing a gap in the local theatre reviewing sphere, I co-founded Taming of the Review, a female-led, local, diverse, and community-oriented collective committed to the idea that theatre reviews should not only reflect on the general quality and content of the play, but ask two vital questions: Is this a story worth telling? And is this story being told in a thoughtful, socially responsible manner? I not only write and edit reviews, I also maintain the website, work with theatres and our publishing partners at The Tucson Weekly, and facilitate meetings and other logistics.

City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission
2017 – 2018
My role on the Commission is to work with my Councilperson to meet the needs of her constituents while staying within the means of the City budget and working with the Parks and Recreation Director and staff. From fun new animals at the zoo to complicated and emotionally fraught park renamings, the Commission is the body that takes the Parks and Recreation Department’s recommendations and the voice of the citizens of Tucson and ensures that we approve the best solution for all invested parties.

The Rogue Theatre
2009 – present
I started volunteering with The Rogue Theatre in 2009 and have worn many hats since. The goal is to serve the audience and ensure they are comfortable, safe, and in their seats by the time the house lights dim without being particularly memorable. From setting up the house to cleaning up after the show, the job is all about being in the right place and the right time. In a black box theatre, being in the wrong place could mean a collision with a Shakespearean sword or a 15 foot tall bear puppet in the wings.

Serving Tea to Friends
2012 – 2015
As a writer, editor, and social media manager for Serving Tea To Friends, my life was steeped (pun intended) in the the lady blog. As a writer, I have the responsibility and pleasure of writing about the concerns, wishes, and idyll thoughts of other women my age, reminding all us ladies that, as a group, we are not alone. Writing about crushes has never been so meaningful. As an editor I proofed and posted the majority of the posts that appeared on the site. And as the social media manager I updated the Facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr account for each new post.

Imaginations Peru
For a month I traded my Christmas break for the mountains of northern Peru working in a Wawa Wasi, a government sponsored daycare where children have access to balanced meals and a safe place to play while their parents work. I brought arts and crafts to a town that didn’t even sell construction paper.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
2009 – 2010
Through Big Brothers Big Sisters, I met and mentored the most amazing ten year old girl. She and I spent several weekends together a month, exploring her education opportunities, discussing her goals, or just spending an afternoon covered in paint; simply enjoying ourselves. She taught me volumes and I hope I did the same for her.

University of Arizona Young Democrats
2007 – 2009
As a member, I participated in weekly volunteer based activities to support local and national candidates. In 2008 I served on the executive board as the Campus Relations Chair, a post that focused on community outreach and cooperation. In this position I was not only responsible for working with and having a presence on campus, but attending local and state organized planning and training meetings.

Foundation for Animals In Risk (FAIR)
2003 – 2005
FAIR was a huge part of my life. I worked for several years in middle and high school at their adoption sites attending to animal happiness and helping with adoptions. The greatest challenge was not falling in love with all of the dogs and cats I took care of – which I eventually failed at… Dot Com, a delightful deaf Dalmatian was my first “foster failure” and, along with seeing other animals find their forever homes, was one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

American Lung Association – Executive Youth Council
1999 – 2006
Through my mom’s work, I participated in the Executive Youth Council in the effort to pass legislation to ban smoking in public spaces, tobacco cessation, and education. I helped by participating in a number of protests, speaking out publicly, teaching at schools, and a number of other activities to achieve the goal of a smoke-free southern Arizona.

Episodic Volunteer Work
Mi Familia Vota

Sonoran Glass School
Tucson Festival of Books
Borton Elementary School
Pima Animal Care Center
Las Milpitas/Tucson Community Food Bank
Tucson High Magnet School
Arizona Public Media
The Flandrau Science Center
American Lung Association
Move On

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